Front-end Engineer Messenger Client

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Cell Introduction and Main Responsibilities

Peep Cell is an internal Business Development organization, using the practical experience and user feedback from OP.GG to create new opportunities. As you interact with our dynamic workspace in a secure working environment, you will get the opportunity to experience and learn.
Every member of the Peep Cell participates in all the stages of production, starting from planning, user experience, functionality, tech stack, trend, and business strategy. Our goal is to help shape a better gaming experience to the gamers by creating a new and efficient means of communicating. This can only be achieved through innovation.

Cell Leader Introduction

My name is Seo Gyeol, currently the cell leader of the Peep Cell here at OP.GG. I have started my career in 2013 with an app called “1km”, where I participated from in the initial stages of planning up to planning/operations as a PM for about two years and a half. I have also worked in various startups as the founding member and PM. I have participated in planning of social products that connected users and B2C software that created value internally. I also have a wide network of successful CEOs, many of with whom I interact often to create a new product based on business strategies. Our team within OP.GG truly acts like a startup, focusing entirely on defining a problem and solving it. Each member uses radical candor to communicate and work alongside planners, designers, and developers to create new products. We are excited to welcome new candidates into our team to create new products that will be used by millions of users worldwide.

Job Vision

Be a part of a global service with currently a traffic of 550 million MAU while aiming much higher.
Grow as a team member as you discuss issues not simply as a ‘developer’ but as a team.
Experience the challenging tasks that is commonly seen in early-stage startups but in a safer environment. You can simply focus completely on problem solving.

Main Responsibilities

Development of PC version Client
Development of messenger’s front end using JavaScript Framework


Education : Not Required
Major : Not Required
Experience : 5+ years of experience
Fluent in using JavaScript
Experience developing with at least one Javascript Frontend Framework (Vue, React, Angular)
Experience developing Voice/Video chat related product
Experience and insight of developing similar products
Proactive and not afraid of a challenge
Passionate and striving to grow
Comfortable with cooperating as a team and has fluent communication skills, especially with those with different interests
Flexible in using various languages/frameworks
Enjoys learning new tools
Active duty as Skilled Industrial Personnel (Korean Military)
Main skills
at least one Javascript Frontend Framework(Vue, React, Angular)
C++ Hooking
HTML Canvas

Hiring Process

Documents to be Submitted
Resume (career description and cover letter required)
Github and personal tech blog preferred
Hiring Process
Resume Screening > Assignment > Tech Interview and HR Interview > Final Interview > Job offer
The actual hiring process may differ accordingly.