Front-end Engineer New Product(Eternal Return play history search)

3+ years
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Cell Introduction and Main Responsibilities

Eternal Return Cell is responsible for operating Eternal Return service and developing new contents.
Sprint develop based on user data and insight, test the products, and improve them based on real feedback as an agile organization.

Job Vision

As a product centered agile organization, each cell has the responsibility and authority necessary to operate as need be.
You can experience improving performance using Nest.js in a Node.js environment.
You can experience working with together with the users as you create new products based on actual user feedback.
Experience being in sync with the best team as they proactively code review each other for mutual growth.

Main Responsibilities

Development and Operation of new products at ER.OP.GG
Optimization of ER.OP.GG


Education : Not Required
Major : Not Required
Experience : 3+ years of experience
Deep understanding of Server Side Rendering
Experience developing using Next.js and React.js
Deep understanding of Javascript
Deep understating of HTTP and Networking
Has responsibility for their products and features
Experience with leading a project
Experience with implementing il8n in a global service
Understanding of Planning/Design of UX/UI
Experience in agile development
Experience with creating a Web service using Node.js
Experience with Search Engine Optimization and User Retention/Acquisition
Enjoys Eternal Return or has a deep understanding of the gaming industry

Main Skillsets

CSS, CSS-in-JS(Styled Component, Emotion)

Hiring Process

Documents to be Submitted
Resume (Required)
Career description (Required)
Github (Preferred)
Stackoverflow Profile (Preferred)
Hiring Process
Resume Screening > Assignment > Tech Interview and HR Interview > Final Interview > Job offer
The actual hiring process may differ accordingly.