Java Spring Engineer

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Cell Introduction and Main Responsibilities

OPGG’s Peep Cel and LoL Engineering Cell are looking for competent Java Spring Engineers!
Each development cells work on different services and products, independently responsible for development and operation. As our business is continuously expanding, we may propose a different position/organization than the one the applicant selected.
LOL Engineering Cell
The LOL Engineering Cell develops and operates the main service of providing play history data and statistics to League of Legends, PUBG, and other game users globally.   It is responsible for the backend system design and development necessary for the web service, and in some cases responsible for architectural composition according to the scale of the project. We are planning on use the myriad of data accumulated throughout the years to develop a statistical system, while using the big data platform to provide user personalized recommendations, deep learning, and machine learning environment.
OP.GG main service development, advancement, and operational tasks
Peep Cell
Peep Cell is an internal Business Development organization, using the practical experience and user feedback from OP.GG to create new opportunities. We focus on the gamers to develop new ways of communicating efficiently and to improve their gaming experience overall. Peep Cell is currently developing “PEEP”, a new and efficient messenger to be used while gaming, working and multi-tasking to communicate between teammates. It implements overlay technology which allows video/voice calls, screen sharing, chat, drawing, and more in real time anywhere and at any size on your screen. The new service will allow users to communicate simultaneously while working, screen sharing, on the same screen, providing users with an innovative experience when communicating.
Messenger Backend implemented with Java
Basic web service backend and chatting server, voice/video chat, screen share(media streaming) implementation
Web socket Service implemented with Java
Signaling/relayer server operation for P2P voice/image by using WebRTC.
Dependence management and modularizing development through DI/IOC using the Micronaut framework.

Job Vision

Be a part of a global service with currently a traffic of 55 million MAU while aiming much higher
Experience the challenging tasks that is commonly seen in early-stage startups but in a safer environment You can simply focus completely on problem solving.
Experience using Kubernetes to manage massive amounts of traffic to manage and operate our servers.


Education : No degree required
Major : Not Required
Experience : 5+ years of experience
Experience with developing with RESTful API
Fluent with DB schema design and tuning
Fluent with Dockerizing
Experience with DevOps
Experience with backend system with massive traffic
Experience and deep understanding of OOP and data modeling
Someone with the passion and ownership for their services/products, constantly striving to create the best result possible
Experience with implementing and operating MSA
Experience with NGINX optimization and tuning
Experience with handling large volumes of traffic
Fluent with APM data analysis
Experience with toy projects or side projects
Capable of fluidly using multiple languages/frameworks
Experience with voice/video chat related development

Main Skillsets

Java, Spring Framework, Spring boot, JPA
MySQL, MongoDB
Kubernetes (AWS EKS, Azure AKS)
Redis (ElastiCache)
Experience with Amazon Web Service
Experience with Google Cloud Platform
Experience with Azure

Hiring Process

Documents to be Submitted
Resume (career description and cover letter required)
Github and personal tech blog preferred
Hiring Process
Resume Screening > Assignment > Tech Interview and HR Interview > Final Interview > Job offer
The actual hiring process may differ accordingly.