Front-end Engineer Main Product(League of Legends Search Service)

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Cell Introduction and Main Responsibilities

LOL Web Cell is responsible for the operation of the OP.GG website and the development of new products. We use JIRA and sprint development, while using PR to code review from other developers in order to create a culture that can yield the best result possible.

Job Vision

Experience developing using NEXT.JS to improve performance in a NODE.JS environment with a massive global traffic of 550 million MAU.
Receive global user feedback in over 20 countries and 50 million users to create a new product together.
Use our internal code reviews to be in sync with your team and to grow

Main Responsibilities

Renewal of OP.GG
Development and operation of new products at OP.GG
Optimization of OP.GG website


Education : Not Required
Major : Not Required
Experience : 5+ years of experience
Deep understanding of Server Side Rendering
Experience developing using Next.js and React.js
Deep understanding of Javascript
Deep understanding of HTTP and Networking
Passionate and responsible for the features and products they create
Experience developing in Node.js
Experience with using Cache in a Node.js environment
Experience developing in a large-scale web service
Experience with optimizing initial rendering speed
Experience with Search Engine Optimization and User retention/acquisition
Enjoys League of Legends or has an understanding of the game industry
Main skills
CSS, CSS-in-JS(Styled Component, Emotion)

Hiring Process

Documents to be Submitted
Resume (career description and cover letter required)
Github and personal tech blog preferred
Hiring Process
Resume Screening > Assignment > Tech Interview and HR Interview > Final Interview > Job offer
The actual hiring process may differ accordingly.