Front-end Engineer New Product (Gamer Matching Service)

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Cell Introduction and Main Responsibilities

The Gamepack Cell uses Kanban to develop based on continuous and repetitive user feedbacks. We develop in small units, constantly checking user feedback as an agile organization.
We are currently working on DUO.LOL, which helps users find someone to duo with, among other new products in development.

Job Vision

Responsibility and authority of a goal driven team
Proactive development culture
Teamwork based on trust

Main Responsibilities

Development and Operation of DUO.LOL
Development and Operation of new products


Education : Not Required
Major : Not Required
Experience : 5+ years of experience
Enjoys finding problems to fix them and enjoys self-improving
Open to new languages and frameworks, while respecting legacy code
Can find the right tool to use at the right time in their products
Strives to improve UI/UX from the user’s perspective rather than the developer’s
Experience and understanding of Web Browsers and the technology tangential to it
Experience and understanding of Responsive Web Development
Experience with Server Side Rendering
Experience with Search Engine Optimization and User Retention/Acquisition
Passion for Code Readability

Main Skillsets

Experience and understanding of Web Browsers
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Understanding of OOP or functional programming
Experience and understanding of Cache and Networking
Experience with at least one out of React, Vue.js, and Svelte 
Experience developing using React-Native

Hiring Process

Documents to be Submitted
Resume (Required)
Career description including project experiences (Required)
Github (Preferred)
Stackoverflow Profile (Preferred)
Hiring Process
Resume Screening > Assignment(Live coding) > Tech Interview and HR Interview > Final Interview > Job offer
The actual hiring process may differ accordingly.