Product Designer(OP.GG for Desktop)

1/11/2022, 2:44:08 PM
3+ years


Cell Introduction and Main Responsibilities

OP.GG for Desktop aims to “provide support to make games more enjoyable.”
We create new content that seeks to improve gameplay by providing supporting features to League of Legends and other games.
Our main responsibilities are to improve the community, in-game overlay, and game statistics from the gamer’s perspective.
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Job Vision

Open and candid communication regarding product, allowing us to work proactively.
Experience the challenging tasks that is commonly seen in early-stage startups but in a safer environment. You can simply focus completely on problem solving.

Main Responsibilities

Improving UX/UI in new products
Design and create guidelines with Wireframe and UX flow considering both usability and business needs
Design a prototype for user research, validate usability, and gain insight
Logical and reasonable design decision-making
Implement and design desktop app branding
Use data analysis to find and solve issues in the product


3+ years of experience of Web/ Product Design or related fields
Experience with designing PC Client
Comfortable with prototyping ideas quickly
Deep understanding of interactions between the users and the interface
Can understand the structure of the information displayed on screen
Can create a design that reflects the business needs, aesthetics, and insight.
Can use quantitative/qualitative data to track user needs to improve the product
Fluent in using Sketch, Figma, Zeplin, Framer, or other design tools
Experience implementing and operating a design system
Experience with creating guidelines for common UI/UX
Experience with launching web/mobile product
Deep understanding of designing considering accessibility
Experience playing League of Legends (ranked/normal users with 3 seasons of experience)
Enjoys playing various games and has a high understanding of games
Experience with product branding

Hiring Process

Documents to be Submitted
Resume (career description and cover letter required/ motive for applying to OP.GG required)
Portfolio required
Hiring Process
Resume Screening > Assignment test > 1st Tech Interview and HR Interview > 2nd Final Interview > Job offer
The actual hiring process may differ accordingly