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OP.GG was launched in 2012 and quickly grew into a necessary platform for gamers worldwide.

Presently, we have attracted over $ 20 million in investments while working alongside with Riot Games, PUBG, and various other global game companies.

OP.GG ‘s growth and our story so far

Release OP.GG beta services
Begun global launch
Launched Overwatch play history search services(first unique game after LoL)
Overlog Acquisition
Released Twitch Extension App
Released OP.GG mobile app
Founded OP.GG’s pro game team
Released services in Southeast Asia
Launched TalkP.GG
Founded OP.GG’s Fortnite pro game team
Released Chrome Extension App
Launched Rainbow Six Pro and Amateur leagues
Ubisoft MOU
Operated Korean Rainbow 6 Open League
Selected as K-Unicorn company
Released OP.GG for Desktop
Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency MOU


OP.GG develops various services to provide gamers a Global Game 3rd party Eco-system where they can find everything gaming related.
Apart from our globally renown statistics service OP.GG, we have also recently launched new services such as PEEP, ZZIN, among others. These services launched successfully into the market were created and developed from the ideas of our staff.
OP.GG respects the ideas of our staff. Here at OP.GG, anyone can become an intrapreneur if they show initiative. Our intrapreneurship policy allows staff to present their proposal for a new service, which will be reviewed internally and allow them to follow through to release the service themselves.
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OP.GG News Room

Find more about OP.GG’s objectives and activities through the articles in News Room.
OP.GG seeks to use the internal experience it has accumulated and to work alongside various organizations to contribute back to society.
Furthermore, we seek to create a Work Place where our employees can find true happiness by listening and putting in an effort.
The CTO and CDO appointed by OP.GG


Our staffs are encouraged to work freely whenever and wherever. You can work from home completely autonomously.

Seolleung (Head Office)

35-6 (4th and 5th floor), Samseong-ro 85-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
(Postal Code) 06196
(02) 455-9904

Remote Office

Jeongdong Office Wangsimni Office Seokchon Office Seokchon Dong, Songpa Gu, Seoul Seoul National University Office Mokdong Office Ilsan Office
We will be expanding the location of our remote offices.

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You can work from anywhere if it helps you perform efficiently!