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Starting off in 2012, OP.GG became a vital platform for gamers around the world.

Since launch, we have secured over $20 million in investments, and are currently collaborating with global game companies such as Riot Games and PUBG.

OP.GG's progress and story

Launched beta version of OP.GG
Started global service
Launched Overwatch Play History Search Service(first unique game after LoL)
Acquired Overlog
Launched Twitch Expansion App
Launched OP.GG mobile App
Founded OP.GG professional gaming team
Started Southeast Asia service
Launched TalkP.GG
Founded professional Fortnite team
Launched Chrome Extension App
Started professional and amateur Rainbow Six leagues
MOU with Ubisoft
Started Rainbow Six Korean Open League
Became a K-Unicorn Startup
Launched OP.GG for Desktop
MOU with T1
MOU with Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency
Won 2 awards at the iF Design Awards 2022
Acquired OGT
Became an official sponsor of 'League of Legends' Champions Korea
Acquired OGN(OnGameNet)


OP.GG strives to be the first service gamers think of in any situation by proactively identifying and realizing the needs of gamers and providing the core services that gamers want.
Aside from our flagship global statistics service OP.GG, we have also launched new services such as PEEP. The idea and development of these services came directly from the teams responsible for creating the service.
OP.GG respects the ideas of our employees. Through our intrapreneurship policy, everyone has the opportunity to propose an idea for a new service, and then create and launch the new service after an internal review.

OP.GG News Room

Find out more about OP.GG's direction and recent activities in OP.GG's Newsroom
By utilizing OP.GG's organizational knowledge and experience, we look for ways to collaborate with other organizations and contribute to society.
We also make efforts to create a work place environment where employees truly feel happy.
OP.GG released “Palmap”, Palworld map overlay application
OP.GG released “Palmap”, Palworld map overlay application
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OP.GG encourages autonomous work from home. Our employees can work freely whenever and wherever.

Head Office

1st and 2nd floor, 507, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
(Postal Code) 06168
(02) 455-9903

Remote Offices

We will be expanding the location of our remote offices.

And More +

You can work from anywhere if it helps you perform efficiently!