Mission & Vision


We Make Gaming Better

OP.GG provides users worldwide with a new service for the best gaming experience.
We help users adapt to the game world easily, allowing them to grow quickly as they play while keeping the fun alive. In short, we help bridge the gap between the user and the game by providing various connections.

Global Game 3rd Party Eco-system

OP.GG develops various services to provide gamers a Global Game 3rd party Eco-system where they can find everything gaming-related. Our dream is for our services to grow into the daily lives of our users.

Core Value

A. Who we are looking for


Rather than being afraid of change, our team seeks to shift the paradigm altogether, not giving up easily towards a common goal.

We understand that everyone has different ways of working. Some may find it important to set realistic goals and reach mediocre expectations, while some may find comfort in walking the path laid before them. However, at OP.GG, we challenge ourselves with difficult goals to create an unprecedented service.
Despite our goals being ostensibly unrealistic, we continue to set challenging goals to shift the paradigm to instigate innovation. We identify trends faster than anyone else and boldly executes to enjoy an exhilarating adventure. These characteristics are the greatest hidden assets at OP.GG.
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B. How we work


We do not let anyone dictate the rules, as you are responsible for your own actions.

Some organizations prefer to work a Top-Down decision-making process to minimize risk. Others may seek employees to be the best in their limited areas and roles. However, at OP.GG, “our employees can decide what results they want to create for themselves”.
At OP.GG, each employee is a leader responsible for their part. Each member uses their expertise to earn the trust of their co-workers and the company, using it to expand the trust and responsibility assigned to them.
Through this process, OP.GG formulates our ideas into reality while being responsible for the performance, leading the innovation of the game ecosystem.
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C. How we communicate

Radical Candor

We communicate with radical candor, accepting and respecting that others may think differently.

Some organizations may compromise their goals to avoid conflict and increase a sense of camaraderie. Others may choose to operate democratically to expedite the process of reaching accordance. However, we seek to resolve creative conflicts regardless of how uncomfortable or difficult the process may be.
Our goal is not to reach an agreement quickly. We believe that our fierce debates will lead us towards the best results, and therefore communicate through “fact-based” feedbacks.
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Culture at OP.GG