Mission & Vision


People who have experienced genuine, humanistic values in the online space come together to prove those values to the world.

OP.GG was started in 2012, by a group of young people in their twenties who have never met each other and only communicated through online communities but wanted to create a service that would make gameplay more enjoyable. All 90 plus of us gathered here are people who have experienced precious human relationships, friendships, and even love in the online space.
Through these experiences, we believe that humanistic values we experienced in the online space, such as the passion and joy involved with online hobbies and the excitement of esports, are as genuine as that of those offline counterparts. Our goal is to create an online service that can prove these beliefs to the world.

Occupy gamers’ everyday lives

Our service will meet needs that people haven’t even thought of yet and provide core services people need, becoming the first service people think of in any situation.

Core Value

A. Who we are looking for


Rather than worrying about change, we seek to shift the paradigm, not giving up on difficult challenges and enjoying the journey to success.

Everyone works differently. It may be important for some to reach their goals by setting realistic expectations, some may prefer a safe option of following in the footsteps of their predecessors. However, in order to create unprecedented services, OP.GG sets high expectations and difficult goals.
While these goals may seem unrealistic, we continue to set challenging goals to achieve innovation through paradigm shifts, identify the trends before anyone else, and boldly take on the challenge while enjoying the ride. These are OP.GG's greatest hidden assets.
B. How we work


We don't rely on others and make decisions for ourselves, and are fully responsible for our own work.

Some organizations have a top down system to expedite the decision making process while minimizing risks. Others may want people that deliver the best results in a given role. At OP.GG, every employee makes their own decisions when it comes to goals.
At OP.GG, every employee is their own leader when it comes to their responsibilities. Every employee earns the trust of colleagues and the company by utilizing their expertise, and leverages the trust to expand their authority and responsibility.
Through this process, OP.GG employees achieve the performance and responsibility to realize our ideas into reality, leading the innovation of the game ecosystem.
How we communicate and collaborate

Radical Candor

We communicate candidly and honestly, respecting the different opinions of others.

Some organizations may compromise certain things to maintain an intimate atmosphere. Others may incorporate majority vote processes to quickly reach a decision. However, we encourage creative conflicts even if it is uncomfortable or difficult.
Our goal is not to rush to an agreement. We believe that the best decisions are made through the fiercest debates, and therefore collaborate and communicate by giving 'fact-based' honest feedback.

Culture at OP.GG