Growth Program

OP.GG allows its employees to focus on their tasks through our flextime policy and unlimited business support system.

Flextime policy

‘It’s not simply benefits. It’s our culture and how we work’

Rather than adhering to a detailed list of protocols, we try to keep to our core values and objectives to maximize efficiency and working conditions for our employees. We provide our employees the opportunity to choose their environments freely.
Our culture was established based on mutual trust between our employees that their performance does not change between online or offline, and that they do not abuse the system for their own benefit.
Rather than creating ‘Rules’ for our employees, we encourage our employees to work freely through means such as “living in Jeju Island for a month” and “living abroad for a month” among others to support digital nomads and remote working conditions.
Working Conditions
Most efficient location
Most efficient time
Unlimited leave

Unlimited business support policy

‘Unlimited business support policy regardless of cost or frequency’

At OP.GG, we use our Unlimited business support policy rather than our benefits program when our employees try to focus on their tasks. Our policies strive to create growth for both the company and our employees.
Our business support policy is used freely and reasonably when needed in order to help our employees’ working conditions. This policy is operated with mutual trust that our employees will use when needed.
Business Support Policy’s spirit
Universality and Diversity
Anyone can freely use this policy regardless of conditional or environmental limitations
We do not set a limit to the number of times it can be requested to provide unlimited support for an employee’s willingness to use it.
Prevent a ‘spend rather than waste’ mentality by not setting a limit on the amount requested.


Our ‘flextime policy’ to create the most efficient working conditions for our employees.


Our ‘unlimited business support policy’ used to create the best growth and achievements for our employees.
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Work & Growth


Efficient and reasonable decision making through our ‘flexible and honest organizational culture’


Our Identity and Possibilities lie within games! ‘Multiple Game Related Policy’
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Listen our employees’ opinions regarding growth and working conditions in OP.GG.
Find out what part of OP.GG caught their interest and how they joined us!
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