Growth Program

OP.GG helps employees focus on their tasks through our flextime and limitless support policies

Flextime policy

'Not benefits but our culture and how we work’

OP.GG does not have a detailed list of rules dictating how employees should work. While we operate under a shared value and direction, all employees are able to freely choose and create a working environment that works best for them.
There are no discrepancies in the performance of online and offline work, and there is mutual trust between the company and the employees that the culture will not be abused or taken for granted.
The way we work is not based on 'rules' but rather on the collaobration of working with other colleagues. We provide employees with full remote work that allows for the ultimate digital nomad lifestyle, working from anywhere such as Jeju island or even overseas.
Working Conditions
Most efficient location
Most efficient time
limitless leave

limitless business support policy

‘limitless business support policy regardless of cost or frequency’

Instead of a conventional benefits program, OP.GG has a limitless support policy so that employees can better focus on their work, ensuring mutual growth for the employees as well as the company.
Any employee can take advantage of the policy freely, anytime it is needed, to a reasonable extent. The company operates the policy under mutual trust so that it can provide the best working environment to all employees.
The philosophy behind the support policy.
Universality and Diversity
Anyone can take advantage of the policy freely, without conditional or environmental limitations
There are no limits to how many times an employee can benefit from the policy.
There are no cost limits. We don't want to create the misconception that not using the policy is a personal loss.


Employees can create a working environment that best suits them through our 'complete autonomous working conditions’


Limitless support policy that every employee can use to promote growth and achieve success.
Work & Growth


Flexible and honest organizational culture to promote effiecient and reasonable decision making


Gaming is our identity and potential! Game support policies.


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