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Rather than being afraid of change, our team seeks talent with an ‘intrapreneur mindset’ that can shift the paradigm altogether, not giving up easily towards a common goal.

We are looking for someone that does not let others define for them, knows how to be responsible for their ‘decision-making’,

Communicates with radical candor, can accept the differences in others, and can use ‘fact-based’ arguments to communicate.

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Engineering & Data

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갤러리 보기

Hiring Process

Resume Assignment HR Interview & Technical(Practical) Interview Final Interview → Job Offer
The hiring process may differ according to the position applied.
We conduct our interviews after 6 pm when requested for after working-hours interviews for the convenience of our candidates.
We hand out small rewards for our candidates that have completed our assignment.
National Veterans and disabled people are given preferential treatment according to the relevant laws.
All positions have a 3-month probationary period which will be evaluated through objective criteria.

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Feel free to ask any questions through recruit@op.gg.
Visit “OPGG Career Center” and book an online chat with our HR managers.

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